Stamps are used to make sure letter-senders have pre-paid their correspondences before being sent to the receiver.

Stamps are small in size – nonetheless, they are important heralds of recognition for icons
of history, of culture and of art.

Icons of history, art and culture are often commemorated through stamps issuances.




Significant persons, places and events are remembered through stamps issuances launched on the dates associated with them.

They become windows to the past that we can look through in recognition of the most decisive milestones of our history.




Culturally impactful events, objects, dates and persons are likewise celebrated through the
issuance of stamps.

Stamps highlighting our country’s flora and fauna, national symbols, landmarks, fall under
this grouping.

Stamp issuances can also put a spotlight on our country’s friendships with other nations.




Movers and shakers of different art forms, and artworks are features on stamps. National Artists most frequently grace stamp releases, but other legends of the different industries falling under the umbrella of art are also given prominence through stamp issuances.



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