• I.

    To provide for the collection, handling, transportation, delivery, forwarding, returning and holding of mails, parcels, and like materials, throughout the Philippines, and, pursuant to agreements entered into, to and from the foreign countries;
  • II.

    To determine and dispose of in a manner it deems most advantageous, with law and settled jurisprudence, confiscated or non-mailable mail matters, prohibited articles, dead letters and undelivered mails, except the sale of prohibited drugs, dangerous materials, and other banned articles as defined by law;
  • III.

    To plan, develop, promote, and operate to nationwide postal system with a network that extends or makes available, at least ordinary mail service, to any settlements in the country.


“I am a postal worker, to the Postal Service, I pledge, my loyalty, honesty and dedication to duty. I pledge to do the best I can in rendering efficient and courteous services, to achieve the goals of the Philippine Postal Corporation impose this obligation upon myself voluntarily, without mental reservation or purpose of evasion. SO HELP ME GOD.”


The Philippine Postal Corporation provides efficient, competitive and on-time delivery of communications, goods and merchandise, and payment services in any Filipino community.


By 2022, PHLPost is a universal delivery service provider of quality-driven communications, goods and merchandise, and payment services in every Filipino community.


For inquiries, suggestions or complaints, you may contact us through:

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(02) 288-POST

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PHLPost Customer Care

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Office of the APMG for Marketing and Management Support Services, Philippine Postal Corporation, 3/F Central Office Building 1000 Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila