a. International Express Mail Service (IEMS) is the fastest means of sending
time-sensitive items to addresses abroad. Any articles such as documents, samples
of merchandise and goods, not specifically prohibited by regulations, can be sent via
IEMS. Currently, the Philippines has a bilateral agreement with 45 countries for the
reciprocal exchange of EMS items.

b. Domestic Express Mail Service (DEMS) is the fastest means of sending urgent
messages, business documents or goods to addresses within the Philippines.
Generally, DEMS items are delivered the next day after the date of mailing provided
that they are posted on or before the prescribed cut-off time. Currently, the service
is available in all major cities and towns nationwide.

c. Express Pouch is a next day delivery guaranteed to time-sensitive and important
documents. It is a guaranteed next-day door-to-door delivery to selected areas
either by land or air.

Letter Post

Items include letter and post-cards weighing not more than 2 kilos which can be
accepted in post offices and postal stations for delivery locally or any part of the

a. Letters are first class mails which are either ordinary, priority or registered
Ordinary Mail includes all unrecorded items which are charged the basic post age
and delivered through the regular delivery channels. Mails are classifies into first,
second and third class.

PRIORITY MAIL is a next-day delivery of unrecorded mails in Metro Manila and
selected cities and towns nationwide if posted on or before 3:00PM

REGISTERED MAIL is accorded mail security with the entire process being recorded
from acceptance to delivery to the addressee. As proof of delivery, the sender may
attach a registry return receipt to be signed by the recipient. Indemnity is paid in
case of loss or damage of registered mail.

b. M Bags are defined as sacks of printed matters sent to a single addressee
at a single address. There are the three types of M-bags: Airmail M-bags, International
Priority Airmail (IPA) M-bags, and International Surface Air Lift (ISAL) M-bags.

c. Articles that meet the definition of Printed Matters include newspapers,
magazines, journals, books, sheet music, catalogs, directories, commercial
adverting, promotional matter and the likes.

d. Small Packets are specially provided for the transmission of goods (including
trade samples), whether dutiable or not, in the same mail as Printed Papers, with a
limit of two (2) kilogram and below.

Parcel Post

A convenient means of sending non-perishable foodstuff, handicrafts and other
merchandise to addressees within the country and abroad. This service is available
in all post offices nationwide. Parcel may be sent via air or surface means.

a. Air Parcel Post is the fastest means of sending parcels to foreign countries. This
service available only in countries with which the Philippines has bilateral

b. Surface Parcel Post is cheapest means of sending parcels to foreign countries
with which the Philippines has bilateral agreements. Surface parcels may be sent to
countries where we have no bilateral agreements only through the intermediary of
the United States of America.

c. Insured Parcel Post includes parcels with a maximum insured value of
Php 5,000.00 which may be accepted for delivery in selected foreign countries. At
present, this service is available only to Switzerland and United States of America
and its possessions.

Business Solutions

Direct Mail is offered by PHLPost under its Unaddressed Advertising Mail Service
(UAMS) and allows the client to get optimum advertising mileage for its products
and services at the least cost. Companies can send brochures, flyers, cards,
catalogues including product samples to their customers in specific areas of their
choice. Moreover, they can send announcements, public notices, important news
items and research or survey questionnaires which will be delivered at the doorstep
of their targeted customers.

Cash-on-Delivery Service (COD) is available for mailable materials or merchandise,
including books, magazines, periodicals and other printed matters which may be sent
collect-on-delivery, where the amount due is paid by the addressee upon delivery of
the articles.

Fax Mail Service is an electronic mail service which provides the fastest means of
transmission and delivery of written messages or documents. This service is available
in selected major post offices nationwide.

Business Reply Envelopes/Cards (BRE/BRC) maybe sent to parties within the country and returned by mail to the sender whose name appears on the card or envelope as the addressee upon prepayment of postage. Postage and other charges shall be paid by the addressee upon delivery. Persons or business firms desiring to avail of this service may file a written application with the Regional Office concerned. The application shall indicate the post office where the cards or envelope are to be returned and a pledge that the postage and other charges, if any, shall be paid at the time of delivery.


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