Postmaster General Norman Fulgencio of the Philippine Post Office has announced that they
have conducted and administered the first batch of booster jabs on 1,000 post office
frontline personnel and their eligible dependents with the assistance from Presidential
Adviser for COVID-19 Response Secretary Vince Dizon and the City of Manila under the
leadership of Mayor Isko Moreno.

Another 2,500 doses will be allocated for the 2nd batch post office employees and their
eligible dependents this coming February 03.

“At the start of the year, a total of 3,500 booster shots has been allotted to post office
employees and their families which is necessary to protect them against Omicron variant of
COVID-19.”, Fulgencio said.


He added, “getting a Covid Vaccine booster shot gives public confidence that we are
serving, including post office personnel and letter carriers they are dealing with are
fully vaccinated with booster, erasing fear and doubts of acquiring the virus”.


Postal Areas nationwide are advised to coordinate with their local Barangay Health Unit.

“We are taking early guard to make our employees safe against new cases of infection surge
across the country”, Fulgencio noted.


The government noted that vaccinations and boosters help lower the mortality risk and the
burden on the country’s health infrastructure.


Postmaster General Norman “Mr. Postman” Fulgencio thanked the Office of the President
headed by President Rodrigo Roa Duterte for their support in the vaccination of post office
workers and for his continuing effort to protect employees from contracting the virus to
keep the workplace safe.


“It is necessary for our essential workers to secure vaccines most especially the letter
carriers who are usually exposed in the field, as they continue to interact with the public
in delivering mails and parcels”, he said.

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