(Left to Right) Director Ernesto O. Severino, Vice Chairman Justice Stephen Cruz (Ret.), Commodore Raul B. Leyritana (Ret.), Chairman/Postmaster General and CEO Mike Planas, Director Patrick David R. De Leon, and Director Maura M. Baghari-Regis during the recent board meeting last June 18, 2024.

The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) Board of Directors announces the election of Chairman Mike Planas as its new Postmaster General and CEO during the annual election on June 18, 2024. His oathtaking and assumption of office also on June 18, 2024 marks the start of new leadership that vows to reenergize the country’s post office.

Chairman and Postmaster General/CEO Mike Planas has an impressive academic background from the University of the Philippines (UP Diliman, American University and the Asian Institute of Management (AIM). He previously served as Councilor in Quezon City and as Consultant to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.

Under the leadership of Chairman Mike Planas as Postmaster General and CEO, the agency is poised to modernize its operations and attain an unprecedented growth trajectory. He commits to lead the post office towards a digital and cultural transformation that will bring it up to pace with the fast growing mail and parcel service industry while staying true to its mandate of serving the people.

“With a wide network of more than 1,200 post offices in the country, there is an untapped potential and challenge to bring the post office up to pace with modern delivery practices while servicing the most remote or missionary areas. You don’t expect commercial couriers to deliver mail and packages to far flung areas, but The Post Office can and will continue to serve the public—wherever they are,” said Mike Planas.

With the support of the PHLPost Board, the Chairman and Postmaster General/CEO is set to expand and develop new product lines and build alliances across the logistics value chain to boost PHLPost’s revenues. The Post Office will tap its vast assets of warehouse facilities and will partner with e-commerce hubs to better meet the evolving demands of Filipinos here and abroad. “Logistics is the backbone of modernization by effectively moving forward the flow of goods and mail. We have to revitalize and upgrade the postal service to meet the daily needs of the Filipinos and make its mark as a top earner GOCC,” he said.

An innovation leader and digital transformation expert, Chairman Planas sees The Post Office as an institution that can innovate and reinvent itself by bringing technology into its system. “To prosper, we have to reboot the postal service business and invest in growth opportunities,” he said.

Recently the Asian-Pacific Postal Union (APPU) congratulated his appointment as the new Chairman of the Philippine Postal Corporation. He is looking forward to future collaboration and partnership with the other member countries of the union.

PHLPost is a government-owned and controlled corporation (GOCC) where the CEO is elected annually by the members of the Board from among its ranks consistent with the GOCC Law or Republic Act No. 10149. Since his appointment as Chairman by President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. in May 2024, the hardworking and hands-on leader has visited various post offices, including Davao City Central and Tagum post offices. He has since committed to lead by example, promote “malasakit” among the employees, and rehabilitate the 100-year-old main post office in Manila destroyed by fire last year. Chair Planas aspires to upgrade and upskill the workforce of PHLPost to provide the public with enhanced and efficient services.

Chairman and Postmaster General/CEO Mike Planas takes his oath and assumes office on June 18, 2024.


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