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PRESS RELEASE: PHLPost witnessed turn-over of seized drugs at cmec in Pasay City


The Philippine Postal Corporation (PHLPost) led by Assistant Postmaster General Robert Mondonedo witnessed the turn-over held between 9-10 in the morning, October 11, 2017 of alleged five parcels of Marijuana and one parcel of ecstasy tablets worth P3 Million by the Bureau of Customs (BOC) to the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA).

The illegal drugs were intercepted inside registered mail, parcels and IEMS from US and Germany last July and August.

Preventive measures have been undertaken by the PHLPost, in coordination with the Bureau of Customs and other law enforcement agencies to stop the entry of prohibit items detected upon at the entry point where parcels and other mails that passes through the post for inspection and delivery.

Once a parcel is received and processed from a foreign country by PHLPost personnel, Bureau of Customs manpower assigned at the Central Mail Exchange Center (CMEC) in Pasay City will mark parcels that are subject for taxation which are then held under the custody of the BoC.

PhlPost will then notify the recipient of the parcel regarding the package. After it was cleared form the Bureau of Customs, PhlPost is set to deliver the parcel to the doorstep of the recipient or via the PhilPost counters throughout the country.

The packages arrived from the US and were declared as additives, apparels, handbags or supplies.