2020 Valentines The Love We Deserve – First Day Cover Envelope


The Philippine Postal Corporation releases stamps for Valentine’s Day, “Valentine’s Day 2020 – The Love We Deserve”.

Valentine’s Day Stamps are one of the most awaited stamp releases every year due to the event’s universality. People from all walks of life participate in this celebration, which falls on February 14 every year. The celebration originates from the Christian practice of honoring Saints Valentine of Rome and Terni. These folk traditions were eventually replaced with romantic connotations in the 14th century through a poem by Geoffrey Chaucer relating St. Valentine’s Day to the mating of birds. Today, St. Valentine’s Day or Valentine’s Day is usually celebrated by professions of love, mostly through gift-giving. Entitled “The Love We Deserve”, the set shows the values important to contemporary society, focusing on current issues. It presents the idea that love transcends romance, taking on the many other definitions of love with an open mindset. Each of the four topics represents a creed: Love Yourself, Love Knows No Gender, Love Nature, and Love for Country. This issue deviates from the usual way Valentine’s Day stamps are depicted and is intended to touch on subjects the public – especially the youth – can both relate to and reflect on.

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