Unity, Faith and Prosperity – Christmas 2022 Official First Day Covers


The Philippine Postal Corporation (Post Office) issues on December 7, 2022 stamps and official first day covers for Christmas entitled, “Unity, Faith and Prosperity – Christmas 2022”.

The in-house creative artists rendered each their own piece of the Christmas stamp issuance. For the block of four, from the upper left, clockwise are stamp designs by the following: Agnes C. Rarangol, Ryman Dominic Albuladora, Eunice Beatrix U. Dabu, and Israel A. Viyo. The first design is of a family in the city, giving candies and toys to kids below. The second shows a family in the province, peering outside the capiz shell windows characteristic of their bahay na bato as the children share a handmade parol and some pancit sa bilao. The third design features an example of the commonplace extended Filipino family in the suburbs. Here, we see an example of how multiple generations make a loving home under one roof. The grandparents share their time with their grandchildren as the kids’ parents show their hospitality to their neighbors – a family of humble handmade parol-makers featured in the fourth design – who mirror their generosity with much joy. Unity, Faith and Prosperity are embedded in these four stamp designs, along with other values we can emulate this season: childlike enthusiasm in giving and receiving, sharing without recompense, and most importantly, malasakit and bayanihan.

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Date of issue: 07 December 2022

Price: Php 66.00 (block of four & OFDC)

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