2019 Philippines – Thailand 70th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations First Day Cover Envelope


The Philippine Postal Corporation (Post Office) in cooperation with Thailand Post is presenting a joint commemorative stamp issuance to celebrate the Philippines – Thailand 70th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations. The Philippines’ foreign relations with Thailand officially commenced on 14 June 1949 with the “Treaty of Friendship” which both parties signed. Come September 1954, the two countries joined the Southeast Asian Treaty Organization (SEATO) as founding members, signing the Southeast Asia Collective Defense Treaty with Pakistan, New Zealand, Australia, among others. Currently, Thailand and the Philippines actively participate in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations’ (ASEAN) projects that foster economic development, social advancement, and cultural betterment. As founding members of the ASEAN, the Philippines and Thailand work together to bolster regional stability in Southeast Asia. Featured on this issuance are the Philippines’ carabao and Thailand’s elephant. Both are the national animals of the respective countries. The carabao, a strong and hardworking animal, is the constant companion of the Filipino farmer. The national animal of Thailand, the magnificent elephant, is an icon synonymous with the grandeur of royalty. Concurrently, it is also recognized for its longevity and power.

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