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PRESS RELEASE: PHLPost garners UN distinction


Recently, Postmaster General Joel L. Otarra received the Bronze Award for Quality of Service given by the Universal Postal Union (UPU), the United Nations specialized agency for postal sector, after a series of workshops in different countries.

To determine the quality of postal services in the UPU member-countries, UPU had set milestones which were used as the yardstick for the award. The Post Office rated itself based on the milestones and the ratings were submitted to the UPU. Auditors from other countries were then assigned by the UPU to inspect and cross check the ratings.

For three days, the Philippine Postal Corportion (PHLPost) underwent three kinds of evaluation, namely, documentation, interview and observation of actual operations. After which, the auditor graded PHLPost and submitted the rating to the UPU. PHLPost gained Level C, or Bronze Award for Quality of Service.